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Innovation of IC Security

Due to the development of the Internet and the growth of the Internet of Everything, traditional software protection is no longer sufficient, and the global environment has entered the era of hardware protection. After four years of research, the team aimed at the shortcomings of the current one-time programming memory, such as insufficient security and large size, and took advantage of the advantages of easy stacking and low cost of polysilicon, High-K and different component structures, through fuses and reflectors. Fuse programming method to complete more bits and more configurations, increase component security and improve existing products are easy to be reverse engineered and consume too much power, etc., develop a new type of polymorphic memory, and unique One can be applied to the most advanced process GAA FET.

This product can be used in information security protection, product certification, games, authenticity identification, etc. In the future, it will be combined with IoT, automotive and electronic hardware protection. Due to the breakthrough growth of the Internet of Things, the demand for hardware protection IP has increased by double digits every year.

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Anti-fuse OTP employs gate-oxide breakdown as a reversible programming mechanism, ensuring secure data storage against physical attacks.

02/ PUF

Physical Unclonable Functions depend on random physical factors introduced during manufacturing, which are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

03/ TRNG

TRNG relies on unpredictable physical phenomena, such as electronic noise or quantum effects, to generate random data, providing higher security and unpredictability.

04/ TPM

TPM is a hardware security module that uses features like TRNG, secure key storage, and encryption to enhance protection. It ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and identity verification for systems.

05/ PQC

Post-quantum cryptography is a specialized field focused on developing encryption techniques that can withstand attacks from quantum computers, and is poised for widespread application in industries such as finance, healthcare, and energy.

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